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A merman on the run, a man who fears his past, and the story of their future.

In this all ages BL visual novel, you will play as Kova - a long-struggling overworker who desperately wishes to forget his past. Consumed by work, he doesn't have the time to think, to dream, until Nero crashes into his life.

The young Nero is everything he's not - and he finds himself being drawn in deeper and deeper into his life.

Will you reach an ending where they can both be happy?

The demo includes roughly 13,000 words, four BGs and three CGs! Please note that we'll be adding voice acting at a later date.


  • One love interest with multiple endings - good and bad.
  • Choices that influence the story.
  • Original CGs and BGs.
  • A SMS system that lets you stay in contact with other characters.
  • ....and a selfie camera.


StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(49 total ratings)
AuthorsTeam Merpus, Caspiiii, Two and a Half Studios, LadyElegance
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsBoys' Love, Yaoi
Average sessionA few seconds


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The Ocean at Night Demo - Mac 255 MB
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this demo is so good!!!!! i couldn't help but immerse myself in the story, it's so interesting and bittersweet, i can't find the right words to describe how excited i am to see a full version one day... kudos to the team!!!

Is this still in the works?

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What a great VN! Unfortunately it's demo 😭

So atmosferic ,  terrifying and really sad story

genuinely forgot I was playing a demo, would love to play the rest someday!

i forgot this was a demo-- i was to immersed in the game, i hope this turns into a full ver soon-- keep up the good work ! :)


just finished playing the demo and it was so good!! i didn't know it was a demo tho and it surprised me where it ended. the story portrays very important messages, the characters are relatable and cute, but i would have loved to have more illustrated parts on the story. like nero on the little pool, or kova washing his hair. despite that, the demo was amazing! i hope they finish the whole game so i can play it someday :)

is this game discontinued?


Is the game still being worked on? Would love to play the full version.


Wow what an interesting story didn't realize it was a demo when I played it. I really hope you finish it 'cause I will definitely buy it! It was really sad & made me think about how large corporations sometimes take advantage of & mistreat their employees. I found the idea of cutting up & selling a unique & beautiful species for food to be horrible. Looking forward to seeing how the story continues & if Nero ever makes it to the Ocean.

I like it very much ;]]]

and will definitely buy when it's finished so please keep working on it^^

This is such a cute game i absolutely love it. Can't wait for the full release!


Is this still being worked on? The art is beautiful and I can't wait to see more!!

This is so incredible! wow! just wow!!! Thank you for all your hard work, and making such a dope game! Can't wait for the full release! keep being awesome!

it was so beautiful ❤, The story, characters and music are so wonderful, everything is gorgeous!

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The game was really enjoyable💙 Looking forward to the full game :) I like the story, and with with their situation (Kova and Nero); it also makes it feel more real? Like- with the factors that make it complicated.

I was rly surprised when I finished it :"""") because I kind of forgot it was just the demo


this story is so beautiful :') I just want to give my money to Kova and help them out :(( 
Any idea on the release date of the full game? Or like how long it will probably take? no pressure tho I am just curious for an estimate


Im sooo sad that he cant afford food himself :(
I luv this story so muchh thank u for creating it!!

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Oh man, everything about this is beautiful - the story, the CG...that tail!!! It's clear Kova and Nero are both struggling with problems in their own worlds and I'd love to keep seeing how they open up to each other and have some precious bonding moments on the way. I really hope you continue this!! <3 <3  ^u^

I did question why Nero has muscles (abs...for days...) when he's been in captivity for life? If it'll be explained later, it's all good :)

I'm just sitting and watching the amazing title screen right now...

I would say it may have to do with some genetically modified thing that he is ripped. After all, he was tank bread, maybe even born.


This is beautiful. I hope you will finish it. It would be really sad if it gets abandoned.


Thank you, misssol! We definitely want to keep working on it into the future, we're just working around the timing of our main games (which you can view here!)


Wow!  What an incredible story  so far! I literally had expected something else entirely, and just to see the writing hook me in near instantly with a sense of urgency and questions to be answered, it seriously took me by surprise! But it's also as wholesome as I had been expecting, but even in a better way than what I'd imagined. I really can't wait to see more! Incredible and beautiful story...and, relatable from Kova's perspective.       I'm very much excited to see how Kova and  Nero's relationship will develop. 

Thank you so much, Coyoda! We're so happy that you enjoyed it!

Looking forward to the full release. Definitely will buy!

i would love to play this but im stupid and dont know how to get the game running, i've checked several files. im on mac btw. hope someone can show me how :)

Hi Sagalia - we don't have a mac to test on unfortunately, but you should just be able to unzip and run it :)

yupp ill try again

yeah sorry i cant open the file..

omg i arleady ship them i love it!!!! wjem i founf t was a demo i was so sad ;-;

i really want to continue and see how their  relationship is going to work in future QwQ this is one of my favourite games now you did an amzing work with the demo and art!! love it UwU

Thank you for your wonderful comment! We're so happy you enjoyed it.


Wow, the art is really beautiful!

I haven't played the demo yet but can't wait to play the full game.

Thank you! We absolutely love the art too.


I really love the music for this game! Can't wait for more!

Thank you!

omg the music is so beautiful and nero is so pretty

Thank you! 

The game isn´t bad, I like the art, characters, and the plot (I have always loved the romance with mermaids, BL makes it better (^///^)).

But I have some curiosities (Which may be game errors):

-In the company, Kova says Nero's name before he knows his name or Nero himself chose his name.

-If Nero knows so little about the world and hasn´t received an education, how can he speak so well? Or how does he know about school or buying houses?

And that's it, it's the only thing I've noticed, which means you're doing great!

I look forward to seeing how your story continues, and the romance to come, thanks for making this game!

P.D.: Will there be sex scenes? (If there isn't, I still love the game and its characters (But i'll think it's a waste ; )))

P.D.2: And if there is sex scenes (Yay!), how will Nero's biology be to allow have gay sex? I ask out of curiosity towards fantastic biology (Really XD).


Hey there! Thanks for your nice comment :) Glad you enjoyed it.

Kova saying Nero's name early was a mistake, quickly updating that now ;) thank you for picking up on it! 

The second point is a spoiler so I can't answer yet, I'm sorry! 

No, there's no sex scenes. Maybe in the future we could look at some short side story with them, but the main game will be all ages.


Thanks for your reply!

Glad to be helpful, and like I said before, I still love the characters (I'll wait patiently for the spin-off though, for scientific reasons ; )).



Hi, is this game gonna be free? :)


Hey! Not 100% sure, probably not!